It’s been awhile!!!

It’s been awhile since I last wrote.  I think it’s time that I start this thing back up.  Over the past two years I have been pretty busy with school, and luckily it will soon be over (unless I end up getting accepted to Graduate School).  My career has taken a slight turn, and I have been fortunate enough to pursue Cybersecurity specialization in addition to the IT specialization for my degree.  I have found this to be a very interesting topic with a potential for many different career paths.  I plan to write here more often, and hopefully I will be able to help teach people more about the world of Cybersecurity and why it is so important.


OnLive Adds “Cloud-Accelerated Browsing” To Its Streaming-Desktop Stable

I love TechCrunch articles, they are always so informative, and I hope all of my readers think the same.

New: Find “courses” from TEDTalks on iTunesU

I love TEDTalks…this will be awesome. Now to find the time to watch them all. That is the hard part.

TED Blog

New on iTunes U: Find TEDTalks organized by subject area into courses, curated for students, educators and lifelong learners. In our initial course offering, explore such topics as “Creative Problem-Solving” … “Understanding Happiness” … “Climate Change” … where you’ll find great thinkers from TED exploring multiple aspects of a fascinating topic.

Explore these curated collections of TEDTalks on iTunes U … and watch for new courses over upcoming months!

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Codecademy Becomes A Platform: Now Anyone Can Write Programming Tutorials

I know I’ve been getting a bit behind on my programming, and it would be nice if there was a way to ask questions, but I still think this is a great tool for anyone interested in learning basic programming.

Found a great article on technology, and some good tips for anyone that is intimidated by it. From all of my experience up to this point they all ring true, and will definitely help to prevent a lot of frustrations people have with technology by just trying one or two of them. Enjoy!

Inspiration Files

These days, nerds are everywhere. Twitter profiles proclaiming oneself as a nerd abound. Ironic nerd eyeglasses have been popularized by celebrities and adopted by the masses. There’s even a nerd dating website, and I swear at least one of your colleagues is on it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Nerd candy made a comeback. Blue tongues for everyone!

No longer confined to dusty basement computer labs and all-night LAN parties, one would imagine that the great 21st century nerd outage would result in all of us getting a little smarter when it comes to all things techy. Right? Wrong. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from having my very own live-in nerd. These may sound basic, but they’ve eliminated 90% of my tech problems over the past seven years.

  1. When there’s an update, do it. It sounds silly, but I used to think that those little updates…

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Programming 101

Have you ever wanted to try out programming for yourself? Thought it was too difficult? That people go to school for a number of years to become expert programmers. Although, it’s true that people do go to school to become expert programmers you can learn how to write your own code quite simply here at (!/exercises/0). Simply set up an account, and you are on your way to writing your very own code for computers and the applications that run on them. Who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it and want to learn more. I think programming takes a specific kind of person, and although I am able to do it, and I understand the mechanics of it I don’t know that I have what it takes to be the ultimate programmer. I did however take an Intro to Programming course last spring, and I can tell you that the first set of courses 1-8 are very similar to what I learned in 10+ weeks of school (which I paid for). I look forward to completing the remainder of the courses, and hope you enjoy writing your very own code. Less than one week away from beginning my C++ classes, and this is definitely a fabulous refresher for me.

Did you turn it off and on again?

~Did you turn it off and on again?

Now let’s think about that question for a minute…

It might seem like an odd question, but it is generally the number one fix for a lot of issues with computers today, and not just your old-fashioned desktop computers.  This question can also relate to new technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  A simple task such as turning the device off, and turning it back on after 15 secs. or so can fix a lot of issues.  Seems to be a funny way of fixing something.  You may ask yourself, how can simply turning a computer off and on again fix anything related to a computer?

One of the reasons for this is MEMORY… Random Access Memory to be exact, better known as RAM.  RAM is what the computer uses as temporary storage space, and a working space for the operating system and its applications.  RAM is considered to be volatile memory, and all information that is stored in memory is lost when power is removed.  The operating system, and its applications can sometimes overuse the memory that it has available to them.  If this is the case it can generate fatal errors and cause the OS or applications to freeze, rebooting will generally fix these issues.

In most cases rebooting your computer will fix issues with memory, and is the most common and usually the first step in troubleshooting computer issues.  However, if your computer issue is not fixed further investigation will need to be done to resolve the issue.

So the next time your computer is acting up and you call your resident IT Technician for assistance stay one step ahead, and reboot your computer.  Who knows maybe they will thank you for it…