Lesson Learned ~

Every now and then we get a dose of reality, and it makes us realize that we shouldn’t skip the small stuff.  Here is why.

Tonight I received my new Cisco router…  I began installing, and configuring this new fangled fancy router at approximately 7:30pm, it is now approximately 11pm, and I have just finished and I finally have internet access.  What process did I have to go through to get my internet working again?  I’m glad you asked…  Now mind you I have installed numerous routers in the past.  I’m familiar with using Cisco routers, but I have also configured Belkin, and Netgear routers as well.

Nowadays newer routers come with an installation CD that moves you through the process without much effort by using their installation wizard.  Unfortunately in this case it also installs a proprietary software that I will probably end up uninstalling eventually…  So I’m following the directions on the screen (at least I think I am).  Is the router connected to the modem… Check… plug-in your router… Check… and this is where it begins the configuring process.  The process that someone spent a very long time writing a program to help someone like me that doesn’t follow directions…  We’ll come back to that statement here shortly, but after the program does its thing, and everything is installed the computer it informs me that I have network access, but no internet access… So now I’m in troubleshooting mode.  First, I restart my computer, as this is something ever IT pro will tell you to do first thing (well maybe not all cases, but most of them).  Still no internet access.  Now I begin checking my internet, and network settings on my computer.  I switch from my quasi-administrator account (the one I use regularly), and log in to my official administrator account.  Nothing so far has helped me in getting internet access.  Luckily, I have internet access on my phone without the use of Wi-Fi… thank goodness for my Data connection, so I Googled it (since when is that a verb), and it came up with some very interesting suggestions and solutions.  Although, none of them solutions to the problems I was having. I restarted my computer a couple more times, checked some more settings, and was beginning to believe I had been sent a faulty router (I had purchased a refurbished Cisco router).  Now being resigned to the fact that I would have to return it I attempted to install my previous router.  I go through the same motions, and unplug everything from the new router to the old one, and plug it into the cable modem.  Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately) I notice that the orange light on the Belkin router is blinking, and for some reason it’s not turning green.  Finding this to be rather odd considering it worked only 3 hours earlier I begin to investigate further, and I end up unplugging the router completely from the modem, and…this is the moment that I realize the mistake that I have been making for the past 3 hours…  I was using the wrong ethernet cable, and instead using the cable running from my t.v.!!!  You wouldn’t believe how upset I was with myself for not realizing it sooner, and for spending so much time on trying to set up my router.  You will all be happy to know — well obviously since I have internet now — that everything is working as it should be.  I have my new router installed, and a piece of my sanity back after finally finishing the setup of my Cisco router…

So I’m sure you realize what the lesson learned was???  Definitely, unequivocally, and without a doubt, CHECK YOUR CABLES, this always seems to be the one thing that stumps me, and for such an easy fix too.  I believe this will be the last time that I have this issue, and will be a bit more through when I’m switching over hardware.



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