Welcome, to my Blog.  I hope that everyone is ready to join me for a journey through the amazing, interesting world of IT.  I look forward to sharing my experiences, and all of the new things I learn.

First off let me introduce myself, my name is Michele, and I am working on getting my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Administration.  I have been taking various computer courses through a local community college.  I plan on transferring to a 4 year University in the fall, and my reason for starting this blog is to help retain some of the knowledge that I learn in and out of school.  It is my hope to be able to share with everyone, new and interesting information.  One of the ways that people learn is by teaching others, and I believe that this will help me become a better IT Professional, help me in my journey, and career.

I hope to hear from everyone in the comments section below, and I am interested in reading all of the comments people leave as this will not only help me with improving my Blog, but it will also help increase my knowledge as well.

Currently I plan on posting at least once a week and possibly more often before school starts.  School begins again Jan. 9th and my Winter 2012 Qtr consists of Computer Science: C++,  Math in Society, and Physical Science for Everybody.

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! I know 2012 will be a great year, and I am excited to share it with you.