Programming 101

Have you ever wanted to try out programming for yourself? Thought it was too difficult? That people go to school for a number of years to become expert programmers. Although, it’s true that people do go to school to become expert programmers you can learn how to write your own code quite simply here at (!/exercises/0). Simply set up an account, and you are on your way to writing your very own code for computers and the applications that run on them. Who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it and want to learn more. I think programming takes a specific kind of person, and although I am able to do it, and I understand the mechanics of it I don’t know that I have what it takes to be the ultimate programmer. I did however take an Intro to Programming course last spring, and I can tell you that the first set of courses 1-8 are very similar to what I learned in 10+ weeks of school (which I paid for). I look forward to completing the remainder of the courses, and hope you enjoy writing your very own code. Less than one week away from beginning my C++ classes, and this is definitely a fabulous refresher for me.

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