Algorithms & What you didn’t think you already knew about them…

Until very recently (well the last year or so) I had no idea myself what an Algorithm was.  It wasn’t until I started taking college courses that I learned what they are.  I had heard the word used in the past, although I had no idea what it meant, or the desire really to find out more about it because it didn’t seem to pertain to anything in my life… or so I thought, but as it turns out in fact we come across algorithms everyday.

Here is the definition from the World English Dictionary:

1. Compare heuristic a logical arithmetical or computational procedure that if correctly applied ensures the solution of a problem
2. logic, maths a recursive procedure whereby an infinite sequence of terms can be generated

As you can see there are a couple of different meanings for algorithms, and in this case definition 2 applies the most.  In its most basic form an algorithm is a set of instructions that eventually make up a solution.  An algorithm is also something that can create something once its set of instructions have been carried out.  This result can be anything from a cake after following a baking recipe or learning how to skydive from an instructor.  I would imagine that mathematicians would argue that they shouldn’t be generalized as much as I have done, but .  Algorithms can be quite complex or fairly simple depending upon the desired outcome of the solution, problem, or recipe.  I’m betting a lot of you with no previous knowledge of what an Algorithm was are having light bulbs go off right about now.  The use of algorithms is all around us in computers, analyses of data, even Facebook, and Google use them to predict things that you are already planning on doing.  They have a similar App for smartphones in development (if it hasn’t come out already), and there is also a really good TED Talk on the subject of algorithms as well.   I’m hoping that I’ve been able to shed some light on the subject somewhat, and have given you the desire to want to learn more about them.



Exciting & New for 2012

So it is about mid-week of the first week of 2012.  I hope nothing disastrous has happened to anyone so far, or maybe it’s too soon to tell.  As for me I have been doing a lot of web-surfing, and it seems that everyone is fascinated with what is new in 2012.   So then…  What’s new in 2012?

I have a couple of articles that I particularly liked.

Here is an interesting article I found about the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NV from PC World:

And another article about 10 Tech Research Projects from PC World:

Both very interesting, and it’ll be anxious to see which products turn into reality.

As for myself I believe that there will be a lot of innovative ideas coming from Google, Apple, and Microsoft.  Samsung seems to be doing a lot of good things; a recent move to China that’ll lower their costs definitely seems like the way to go (although I’m still waiting for my Amazon App for my t.v.).  Social media seems to be changing by leaps and bounds.  I myself just joined quite a few different social media networking sites such as, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon.  There are many more and although I probably won’t join them all I will at least try most of them so that I can be more informed about social media.  So far Twitter has been the most interesting (and yes I realize I’m about 3 years or so behind on that one better late than never though).  A couple of new comers to social media are Path which is a smartphone app designed to share much in the same way Facebook and Google+ does, but on a smaller scale.  Path is available for both the iPhone, and Android phones.  Another is Pinterest is an online clipboard or pinboard that allows you to share your interests with others, and from checking out some of the postings and tweets seems to be rising in popularity.  Oh, and guess who joined instagram…why our very own President Barack Obama.  Even the president knows when it’s a good idea for some good ole’ social networking.

So far though 2012 seems to be starting off nicely.  Less than a week before school starts, and already I have homework!!!  I’m happy about the fact that I got a bit of a refresher in coding from Codeacademy, and that I have a few more days of freedom before I basically lose all of my free time.  It is definitely going to be worth it, and I am super excited!!!  Thanks to everyone who has followed my Facebook page, and my twitter account  Be sure to sign-up for an e-mail subscription if you just want my posts sent directly to your e-mail.